Hello, my name is

Selene Manno.

I enjoy coding things that live on the web.

I'm a frontend developer also specialized in working with backend programming languages and environments. I'm currently working as Creative Developer @DigiTouch and just enrolled into the CS50 – Introduction to Computer Science course @ Harvard University.

Learn. Code. Sleep. Repeat.

As daughter👩‍👧 of a COBOL programmer, I was fortunate enough to have my own PC 💻 at a young age in 1996. I vividly recall being mesmerized by the 🌕'Haunted House'🏚️🦉 screen-saver, believing it to be magical. Since then, my fascination with all things computer-related has persisted. It began with Myspace👥 and my initial attempts at theming using pure HTML and CSS. Later, as a teenager, I communicated with others using mIRC and even collaborated in a ForumCommunity space. The internet has always captured my attention, and over time, its inner workings became increasingly clear💡.

In 2015, I started my career as a Social Media Manager for Social Networks📱 and Content Creator for Blogs, which prompted me to delve into the world of CMS, specifically Wordpress. My curiosity about its logical functioning piqued my interest and motivated me to enroll in a Web Design📖 course to pursue a new career path🚵.

By 2020, I was a novice capable of handling small projects that involved HTML, CSS, and JS, from the UX/UI process to the actual development stage. Since then, I have been rapidly acquiring development and design skills, knowledge, and responsibilities. I consistently demonstrate the ability to autonomously achieve solid know-how for each project I undertake. As a front-end developer, I have practical and theoretical skills in applying UX and UI principles to code, as well as an insatiable curiosity about many aspects of Computer Science and Automation🤖.

Most of the time I operate on frontend libraries to accomplish my tasks but I'm always thrilled when I can challenge myself in delving into backend environments and using REST API's


I used React in combination with Gatsby for developing this simple mini-site and Netlify for a faster but efficient tool to manage it from concept to production. I had so much fun building the project, that I didn't even notice how much fast I learnt the basics. I find it super-useful when you have to build something fairly static and in a very small amount of time.


Used in combination with React and Material UI, I thought to have found the stack that fits me most.

Headed CMS

Mostly used and abused in its plain form, I started developing in PHP and SASS using a particular internal tool which give the possibility to use the WP backend GUI - and its simplifications - connected to some powerful plugins like ACF Pro together for build a custom styled front-end, and so, substancially starting right from a blank template to work on.


With SCSS/SASS has been love at first sight; After studying basic CSS3 without ever achieving the desired structure and logic I had in mind for my project, I had the chance to experiment, test, and build a consistent code in my stylesheets thanks to SASS. I also started studiyng and applying some conventions while coding; the two I'm more comfortable with are BEM and ITCSS.

Styled Components

I like to experiment always different methods, development tools and approaches, especially in terms of font-end style suites. I choose to use this one in combination with React+Gatsby.


Tailwind is a very powerful library, the more ITCSS oriented I've tested. My intent for my next project is in fact to combine it with React, Gatsby and Next.js for a music related app.


Git, GitHub or GitLab isn't a matter of concern; Once I started to write code in a collaborative manner, it was crucial to being able to use a clear and simple versioning control system. 'add - commit - pull & push' is what one of colleagues always reminded me to do in the early days and also my personal mantra since I begin developing.


I've tested myself with Node and a couple of its micro-services and the primordial version of Ishtar; Due to the complexity of the project, I based the data storage client-side instead of server side. But for the future version of the project I will be prepared to face it once again!


I learnt to use a little part of this library for retrieving eye-gaze data of the user on a specific portion of the screen for developing my first structured code project named 'Ishtar'.


PHP is the main back-end language I adopted in most corporate projects. For server related dta communications I prefer using Node and its micro-services, but in many cases for my level of knowledge and projects, PHP works just fine.


MySQL's the main DB I experimented with.


Sketch is the main tool I choose in building custom UI for different projects. I composed a custom set up for automating repetitive actions ( using plugins like Automate, Runner, Fontily and Symbol Organizer) and Craft for publishing directly in Invision. Beyond prototyping tools, I also have a consistent knowledge of the Adobe suite, especially with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.


Figma is the first prototyping tool I've approached in UI designs. I prefer to use it for animated prototypes and Mobile interfaces.


'Docker Engine starting...'